Encountering baldness is one of the prime concerns for many people in today’s world. Genetic probabilities, exposure to pollutants, increase in stress levels, lack of proper nutrition, and many other reasons contribute towards the thinning of hair, resulting in lesser hair density. Balding not only damages one’s self confidence but it might also lead to severe repercussions such as psychological distress in some cases.

One surgical technique that helps combat this disorder is that of Hair Transplantation. It is a highly specilaised surgical process that makes it possible to regrow hair in the affected areas of an individual’s body. Hair Transplantation, which is suitable for both men and women, transfers hair follicles from the ‘donor site’ to the affected or ‘recipient site’ of the body. Hair Transplantation not only enables to restore hair over any area of the scalp but it also be used to reinstall facial and bodily hair.

The process, which is negligibly intrusive in nature, grafts follicles from the back of the head without causing any discomfort to the individual. The grafts implanted are usually immune to balding which empowers the Hair Transplantation technique to provide long-lasting results. The encouraging outcomes instigate the individuals with an all-new confidence and redeem their self image.


The individual’s scalp is first analysed by the surgeon in order to advise the best approach possible. The procedure is typically outpatient and makes use of local anesthesia to conduct an easier process. The process, which requires technical soundness and artistic proficiency, is performed by an adept team consisting of a surgeon who is assisted by a bunch of well-trained microsurgical technicians and nurses.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is the harvesting technique that is used to extract hair follicles from the back of the head (donor area) to implant them into the precise (0.7 mm-0.8 mm) pricks that are made over the affected area (recipient area) using a semi-automatic machine. The micrografts implanted generally tightly packed three to four hair follicles which result in efficient outcomes.

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Sriroop’s special technique used for Hair Transplantation

The process of Hair Transplantation, as mentioned earlier, demands high levels of technical and artistic prowess. The process needs to be performed with utmost care and skill so as to ensure the best possible results. This is what is exactly offered at Siroop.

We make use of the latest technique of the IVth generation FUE (MMADHI- Modified Micro Advanced Direct Hair Implantation), which is a state of the art technology. Dr. Rajasekhar is one of the handful doctors in the country who are able enough to perform Hair Transplantation with the help of this technique. This technique assures safe and permanent solutions without any side-effects. In fact, the operated individuals can even get their hair cut/shaved without any insecurities or fears as the hair will grow normally even after the implementations of these acts.

So without making any further delays, visit Siroop to bid adieu to your issues regarding baldness and to embark a journey filled with a new found self esteem.

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Pre Operative Care

It is advised to thoroughly wash the hair on the eve and morning of the surgery with a surgical solution that is prescribed by our expert team. The individuals must strictly avoid the use of any other hair oils, lotions, soaps, or cosmetics over the affected area. It is also advised not to consume any anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin or ibuprofen) 14 days prior to the surgery. The individuals must make a note to readily intimate our doctor regarding the usage of any other prescribed medicines. Another fact that needs to be noted is that consumption of alcohol and smoking might be instrumental in leading to the poor survival of the grafts.

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Post Operative Care

A complete cosmetic recovery of the skin generally takes about one to two weeks. The operated areas might remain tender to touch for the initial four to five days and it is also important that the individual uses only the medicated hair wash that will be provided on the fourth day by our staff. Usage of any other hair oils, gels, sprays, and other equipment such as helmets, hats, T-Shirts, or any other object that might rub against the scalp is strictly prohibited for the following two weeks. It is advisable to wear button-down shirts to play safe during this period. The procedure initiates hair growth after 12-16 weeks and consumes about 8-12 months to reach the desired cosmetic output.

It is important to note that any abnormal observations should be immediately intimated to our experienced team in order to seek further guidance.

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